April, Another Month of High Border Crossing Numbers

Border crossings increased in April again

Border crossings increased in April again

According to official CBP (Customs and Border Protection) figures, the number of border crossings recorded in April was 234,000.

This figure is up from March and includes unaccompanied minors, family units, single adults and re-entries.

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What is increasing border crossings?

According to CBP officials, border apprehension rates increased in April due to:

  • The arrival of a high number of Ukrainians at the borders, who are fleeing war and seeking opportunities to build a decent future.
  • The permanence of Title 42, which allows for the expulsion of the vast majority of apprehended migrants, but encourages re-entries.

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No matter how strict the policies are

Experts and activists state that, although the border situation may seem alarming, the solution is not to implement stricter policies or reuse Trump’s hardline rules, but to make good use of existing resources to enforce immigration law.

Aside from that, they also explain that one of the US’s jobs as a first-world country is to look at its local policies, modify what is outdated, and implement new measures to prevent irregular migration through legal routes.

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Having a successful immigration journey is not difficult

One often hears stories about how difficult it is to migrate to the US, but we can tell you with confidence that it does not always have to be the case. If you make the right decisions and firmly adhere to regular processes, then you most likely will not face any major inconvenience.

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