Analysis – Immigration on the Rise, But Still Lacking

Analysis reveals immigration is picking up again

Analysis reveals immigration is picking up again

A recent analysis reveals that immigration is finally picking up again after the global Coronavirus pandemic, but is not yet reaching the levels the country needs.

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The impact of the pandemic on immigration

According to the findings of the analysis:

  • As of June 2022, there were at least 1.7 million fewer foreign workers compared to the Census Bureau’s estimate in previous years.
  • The US missed the opportunity to attract and retain at least 600,000 college-educated foreign nationals due to the global health crisis and restrictions implemented by the Trump administration.
  • Business migration levels are again reaching similar levels as in 2019, after two years following the arrival of the pandemic.

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There is still a long way to go when it comes to immigration

The experts involved in the analysis explain that the US desperately needs to attract more foreign workers to meet the demand for labor and reduce the shortage of workers in all sorts of sectors.

In fact, one of them opently states, “Unless we put more resources into processing this or we expand the number of visas, I don’t think we’re going to catch up. We’re going to continue to grow, but not make up for this gap that we lost during Covid.”

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