Advocates Criticize Biden over Immigration Promises

Advocates lose patience over Biden's immigration promises

Biden’s intention to reshape the immigration system

One of the pillars of Biden’s political campaign for the November 2020 elections was his stance on the immigration sector. The same thing happened with Trump’s political campaign for the 2016 elections, but in a diametrically opposite way.

After four years (January 2017-2021) in which the Trump administration used all the tools at its disposal to restrict and reduce immigration, Biden’s welcoming message gave hope to the American population, especially to foreign communities, activist groups, immigrant rights advocates and humanitarian organizations.

Biden arrived to the White House with the firm intention of promoting the first comprehensive immigration reform in decades. In fact, during his first 100 days as president, Biden tripled the number of immigration executive actions compared to his Republican predecessor.

However, the Biden administration has also faced a number of challenges and obstacles, especially in recent months, that have delayed or even stalled his immigration plans, which naturally draws the attention of advocates and other activist groups.

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Advocates lose patience over Biden’s immigration promises

The reality is that, even though Biden is trying to promote immigration reform in Congress and remove certain restrictive policies implemented by Trump, the patience of immigrant rights advocates is reaching its limit, especially those who promoted his political campaign.

Uncertainty among activist groups is primarily related to the fact that the Biden administration promised to open a path to citizenship for millions of immigrants residing in the US undocumented, but that proposal is currently in limbo due to obstructionism in Congress.

In fact, advocates, who are often immigrants themselves, openly state, “They’re always talking about immigration and how they’re going to make immigration reform, stop the deportations and everything. And every time I hear that, and every time I look back at what’s happening now, you haven’t done anything, to put it quite frankly”.

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