Advocates Blame Courts for Immigration Controversy

Plaintiffs know where to turn

Plaintiffs know where to turn

According to dozens of advocates, states that have sued the Biden administration over each and every one of its immigration plans know where to go.

In fact, immigrant rights advocates state that, usually, plaintiff states choose judges who were appointed by former President Trump because they know their arguments will be heard.

It is also important to clarify that this assertion is merely an opinion or even conjecture until proven otherwise.

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The challenges facing the Biden administration

What is certain is that the Biden administration has faced multiple challenges regarding the immigration system since the beginning of 2021.

It is quite evident that there are several political leaders who are using all the tools at their disposal to slow down and intercept Biden’s immigration plans, which has tremendously affected the image of his administration.

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Dozens of plans left in limbo

So far, the Biden administration has been able to move little to almost nothing on the immigration sector, especially when it comes to implementing broad policies that include all kinds of immigrant populations such as undocumented foreigners.

Naturally, and predictably, such proposals unleash a gigantic social controversy and create fear among the more conservative wings.

Thus, the Biden administration has managed to remove the most questionable policies of the Trump administration, but has not been able to move forward as it would like on new proposals.

It is still uncertain whether Biden will be able to promote the immigration policies he came to the White House with, mainly because he would need congressional support to implement lasting rules.

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How to avoid being part of the social debate?

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