US Needs STEM Immigration

Essential professionals in STEM fields

Essential professionals in STEM fields

A recent report comments on the essential role of foreign students and workers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fields.

In fact, the extensive research behind the report reveals that the future of the US depends on the federal government’s ability to attract more foreign talent to remain a world power and leader in important industries.

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Official figures and potential pitfalls

Before making a guess or speaking merely from a political standpoint, it is important to understand and analyze what the impact of foreign national communities in STEM fields is and what challenges the US faces right now in retaining international talent.

Let’s look at some important facts:

  • Countries like China are increasing immigration levels in their territory by leaps and bounds, understanding that multicultural inclusion is the path to progress, especially in sectors considered essential such as STEM fields.
  • Between 2010 and 2019, at least 42% of PhD graduates at American universities in STEM fields were individuals from abroad, accounting for nearly half of the professionals in these sectors.
  • The problem in the US lies in the fact that there are not many avenues available for American or US-based companies to retain foreign professionals in STEM fields and, as a result, many of them seek opportunities in other countries.

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Proposals that could attract more foreign talent

There are currently several immigration bills on the table that could streamline existing processes for foreign students or professionals in STEM fields, but they may not be implemented without Congressional intervention.

For instance, BIA (Bipartisan Innovation Act) seeks to invest in markets such as science and technology in order to drive, develop and protect American progress and innovation, which also involves a roadmap for attracting and retaining talent from abroad.

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