Express deportations are valid in some asylum cases

The latest decision of the Supreme Court of Justice on express deportations

The US Supreme Court of Justice has ruled in favor of President Trump’s request to continue using express deportations without the need to examine every case in a local court.

The current administration of the US is using express deportations during the global Coronavirus pandemic, and this has generated much controversy in the country.

In fact, several lawsuits have been filed against current deportations and regulations implemented during the pandemic.

The main argument presented in the lawsuits states that express deportations violate the laws of the US Constitution and evade the country’s responsibility to protect international human rights.

However, despite criticism, the Supreme Court intervened and ruled in favor of express deportations (also known as “expedited removal”) for certain specific scenarios.

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The Supreme Court decision

With a total of 7 votes against 2, the Supreme Court of Justice approved the deportations without the need for preliminary review in some cases of asylum requests.

The official statement declares that:

  • If an immigrant does not meet the initial requirements to apply for asylum, express deportation can be used without the need for a local judge to review the case.
  • When an immigrant does not receive asylum because (s)he is ineligible and tries to cross the borders illegally and is detained, express deportation can be used without the need to go to a local court.
  • If an immigrant attempts to cross borders without legal documentation and is detained, express deportation can be used if (s)he is not eligible to apply for political asylum in the US.

The Supreme Court also explained that express deportations can be used in certain scenarios and do not violate the Constitution of the US.

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The Trump administration plans to increase restrictions

There is no doubt that the current administration of the US plans to increase restrictions on immigration, arguing that it is an unnecessary burden on the local economy and should be avoided at all costs.

During the massive outbreak of Coronavirus in the US, all the Trump administration’s plans regarding immigration have been implemented.

The president has mentioned on several occasions that he wants to use express deportations for undocumented immigrants captured around the country.

He argues that immigrants who cross the borders illegally should not have an opportunity to obtain legal residence or citizenship.

This has generated a gigantic controversy and unleashed an ongoing fight between immigrant rights advocates and the Trump administration.

Thus, it is only a matter of time until the Supreme Court of Justice makes the appropriate decisions regarding immigration policies in the US.

Make the right choice

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We must take advantage of the opportunity we have now to present immigration cases because the pandemic delayed the processes considerably and having another opportunity can take months.

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