Relationship Between Migrants and the Massive Outbreak of the Delta Variant

Immigrants are not responsible for new Coronavirus outbreak

Immigrants are not responsible for new Coronavirus outbreak

In one of our most recent articles we talked about the opinion of several experts regarding rumors among political leaders and a part of the American population, who openly state that the surge of illegal border crossings, that is, the massive flow of immigrants, is the cause of the new Coronavirus Delta variant outbreak in the US.

The truth is that this premise, so far, has no real basis and does not come from reliable sources, but rather is related to mere conjecture and subjective assertions. On the contrary, it has been demonstrated that there is insufficient verifiable evidence to ensure that immigrants apprehended at the borders are spreading the Coronavirus in the North American territory.

In fact, according to the protocols followed by CBP (Customs and Border Protection), one of the entities in charge of enforcing immigration law at the borders, all undocumented immigrants arrested in the border territory must receive a mask and should have access to the COVID-19 test.

Adding to that, the Biden administration recently started the vaccination plan within immigration detention centers overseen by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) and is offering vaccines to unaccompanied immigrant minors over the age of 12.

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More arguments and facts supporting this idea

Apart from the arguments previously analyzed, we are going to expose another series of opinions and facts that demonstrate that immigrants, undocumented and documented, are not necessarily spreading the Coronavirus in the US, but that the new outbreak of the Delta variant is actually related to low vaccination rates, that is, citizens who refuse to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Let’s look at some specific facts:

  • The Biden administration has maintained some border restrictions related to the global Coronavirus pandemic such as Title 42. In fact, in June, 82% of adult immigrants apprehended at the borders were almost immediately deported under this restriction. This means that the possibility that undocumented immigrants are causing the massive outbreak of Delta variant across the country is quite low, almost impossible at this point.
  • The health authority of Hidalgo County, Texas, one of the states most affected by both the surge of illegal border crossings and the new Delta variant, stated, “Is it a pandemic of the migrants? No, it is a pandemic of the unvaccinated”. He states that the reason why the virus is spreading uncontrollably in the US again is because of local citizens who do not follow prevention recommendations or access the national vaccination program.
  • A former CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) epidemiologist recently stated, “Given what we are seeing now across the country, it just doesn’t work to try to attribute that to migrants”. He explains that the contagion numbers could never have gotten to where they are now solely because of the contribution of undocumented or documented immigrants. That simply does not make sense.

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