ICE pretend to be NYPD officers

ICE operations increase

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency periodically conducts operations across the US with the purpose of detaining immigrants, who managed to cross the borders without prior authorization, and reside in the country without legal documentation.

Typically, ICE’s primary targets are undocumented immigrants who have crime history or legal charges. Therefore, the federal entity must carry out exhaustive investigations to locate them.

After detaining undocumented immigrants, ICE takes them to immigration detention centers around the US, where they must wait until their deportation proceedings are completed, or, if they have the opportunity and meet the requirements, until they appeal their immigration cases.

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ICE and the Trump administration

ICE is one of the most important branches of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). This federal agency, apart from conducting immigration detention operations, also protects borders and prevents mass illegal immigration.

It is well known that the Trump administration has always tried to reduce immigration. In the view of the current administration of the US, mass immigration becomes an unnecessary burden on the economy and diminishes job opportunities for American citizens (a premise that has been contradicted multiple times).

The main focus of the Trump administration is to reduce illegal immigration and prevent undocumented immigrants, who managed to cross borders without documentation, from having opportunities to apply for legal residence permits.

As such, ICE has played a leading role during President Trump’s term, and detention operations have increased substantially in recent years. However, some protocols implemented by ICE constantly receive multiple criticisms.

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ICE agents pretend to be police officers

During the weekend of October 10, 2020, ICE agents dressed like New York Police Department (NYPD) officers and arrested a man who has lived in New York for 30 years, pretending to be police officers.

This news unleashed a massive wave of disagreement among activists, immigrant rights advocates and government officials, who claim that ICE is violating local law and pursuing a purpose that increases and encourages the separation of immigrant families.

In fact, the Brooklyn Borough President stated, “This is a violation of our law (…) You cannot state that you are a municipal police official. You cannot violate the law to carry out the law.”

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