How Americans Really Feel About Immigration

Poll: Americans support immigration

Poll: Americans support immigration

A recent poll reveals the true stance of American citizens on immigration.

This comes in the midst of a gigantic controversy related to the border situation and political ideals that come before the midterm elections and, as always, the immigration sector is a mainstay.

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Poll results

Contradicting all conjecture regarding an alleged fear and rejection by the local population, the poll shows that a high percentage of American citizens do in fact support immigration.

The results reveal that at least 66% of respondents think that having people of “many different races, ethnicities, religions and backgrounds” strengthens the country in every possible way, socially and culturally, as well as economically and productively.

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Is it the political controversy?

Importantly, the poll also shows that at least one in three Americans is fearful of immigration’s influence on the midterm elections.

However, the problem lies in the fact that the media attention is focusing only on that part of the result and not looking at the other aspects that expose the true opinion of American citizens.

Therefore, according to experts, this game of numbers is becoming a political strategy. Beyond that, the important question is, what is generating controversy, is it the border situation? And if so, what can you do to avoid risk during your own process?

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