Experts – It is Time to Talk About the Border Situation

Expert discusses Southern governors' decisions

Expert discusses Southern governors’ decisions

A professor at the University of New England comments on the decision by Southern governors to bus migrants to large cities in the US.

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Approaching the border situation

It is no secret that the border situation has been the focus of gigantic social controversy for the past two years, but it has intensified significantly over the past few months. This is connected to the high rates of irregular migration and the policies of the Biden administration.

Currently, several governors, including the governor of Texas, Arizona and Florida are allowing law enforcement to bus migrants arriving in the border territory to major cities such as Washington D.C., New York, and even to the home of Vice President Kamala Harris.

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The professor’s arguments

The professor openly states, “This is not genocide, but it is somewhat reminiscent of awful things that have happened in the past. As soon as you start treating human beings as undesirable problems to dump on others, you are in very dangerous territory.”

In fact, he explains that political division within the US will only bring more problems and more chaos when it comes to the border situation and that the solution really lies in finding unity in the midst of difference.

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