Central American citizens see a door of hope with Biden

Biden tries to reform the immigration system

The Donald Trump administration reshaped the immigration system in a rather negative way for immigrant populations. The former president and his cabinet always planned to restrict and curb immigration in the US, as well as to increase eligibility requirements to hinder existing processes and be able to replace them with alternatives based on merit.

In the opinion of former President Trump, immigrants tend to take advantage of the current immigration system to access social benefits and public services, work and use other local resources, which affects the American population and becomes a burden on the federal government.

Therefore, his administration tried to reduce alternatives available to immigrants, using all kinds of resources and tools, from executive actions such as Presidential Proclamations, Memoranda and Executive Orders, to changes in policies related to immigration entities such as USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services), ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) and CBP (Customs and Border Protection).

Now that President Joe Biden is leading the US administration, his team is trying to revoke restrictive policies implemented by Trump on immigration and to replace them with policies, in its opinion, more humane, just and in line with the country’s values as an immigrant nation.

The current president states that immigration is not only part of the US’ cultural identity, but also plays an essential role in the economy and the growth and development of American businesses.

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Central American citizens see a door of hope with Biden

The Biden administration’s ideals regarding immigration undoubtedly open a door of hope for immigrant communities that have been unable to come to the US due to Trump’s restrictions and limitations. Therefore, hundreds of immigrants, especially Central American citizens, yearn to come to the country under the new administration and hope to have more options to migrate legally and with dignity.

It is important to clarify that the Biden administration asks immigrant populations for patience in order to offer them better conditions, taking into account that the massive outbreak of Coronavirus is still present. The current administration urges migrants to avoid irregular immigration at all costs as it is also its duty to enforce immigration law at the borders.

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Adding to that, the US immigration system can be quite extensive and complex, and there is surely more than one process that might suit your particular case. Therefore, by following the advice of experts, you will assertively take the right steps in order to build the future you have always dreamed of.

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