Book – Eradicating Myths About Immigration

Book debunks immigration misconceptions

Book debunks immigration misconceptions

A recently published book, “Streets of Gold: America’s Untold Story of Immigration Success,” explains in great detail how misinformation has tremendously damaged the image of immigration and its true impact.

In one of our most recent articles, we had discussed this book, but this time we are going to mention the specific points it makes about immigration myths and misconceptions.

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What sectors are immigrants in?

The book is based on extensive research into the history of hundreds of thousands of immigrants and generations going back decades.

According to the research findings, immigrants have become a pillar of the national economy because of the roles they occupy within the American labor system.

In fact, the authors state, “Today, immigrants tend to hold jobs that have few available U.S.-born workers, including positions that require advanced education like those in tech and science, and jobs that require very little education like picking crops by hand, washing dishes, or taking care of the elderly.”

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Do immigrants really steal jobs from Americans?

Another myth the book addresses is the false premise that immigrants steal jobs from American citizens, which could not be further from the truth.

Research reveals that immigrant communities represent only 14% of the total local population, which is exactly the same figure as a century ago. Therefore, conjectures that judge immigrants to be almost “invading” the country have no basis at this point in time and could irreversibly affect the nation’s socioeconomic stability.

As a conclusion of the book, the authors openly state, after analyzing the findings, that immigration is part of the backbone of the US and, beyond that, it is absolutely necessary for the survival and competitiveness of the most important sectors.

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