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Immigration is frequently changing. Here at Motion Law, we like to keep you updated with the latest news about local and national immigration, keep you informed about changes within our firm, and share helpful information relevant to your immigration needs.

Apply for the humanitarian parole in the US

How to Apply for Humanitarian Parole for a Temporary Residence? 

Feb 26, 2020

Request a Humanitarian Parole to go to the US There are many different ways to gain legal entry to the US either on a temporary or permanent basis. Most immigrants apply to have a visa which gives them permission to stay in the country, however, when a visa cannot be obtained for whatever reason, there…

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request for a stepchild

Can a Petition be Submitted for a Stepchild to Come to the US? 

Feb 26, 2020

Bringing  Stepchildren who Live Abroad to the US When people migrate to the US, they often leave their family in their homeland. Immigrants try to find a new direction and decide to start a new life and sometimes they get married again. In many cases, these parents would like to bring their children from abroad to the US. Requirements to Bring your Stepchildren to the US It is important to clarify that we refer to “stepchildren” as the biological children of the foreign spouse who is married to an American Citizen. In that scenario, you can make a request for your stepchildren. In…

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Adjustment of status for permanent residence eligibility

Eligibility for Adjustment of Status to Apply for Permanent Residence

Feb 25, 2020

Apply for Permanent Residence Via Adjustment of Status  Most immigrants hope to stay in the US for a long time. To achieve this, there is a process called Adjustment of Status (also called Green Card application), which means they can apply for legal permanent resident status after meeting certain requirements in the United States.   Eligibility requirements…

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Spouse abroad 

How can you bring your spouse from abroad to the US?

Feb 25, 2020

How can you bring your spouse who lives abroad to the US? Many immigrants have arrived to the US following their dreams in order to provide a decent future for their families. Normally, people decide to arrive alone and then make legal requests to bring their spouse to the country to join them.   Under the immigration laws of the United States, the term…

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Asylum request and allegation for domestic violence

Allegation of Domestic Violence for Asylum Cases

Feb 24, 2020

Allegation of Domestic Violence for Asylum Cases People from all over the world are now migrating to the US for various different reasons. Sometimes, it is to escape from tyrannical governments, where they have been persecuted or live in fear of being persecuted. There are other cases where people are trying to escape from personal situations that involve domestic violence…

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Undocumented Immigrant and deportation as a solution

Is Deportation the Right Solution for Illegal Immigration?

Feb 21, 2020

Is Deportation the Right Solution for Illegal Immigration? For many years, people living illegally in the US constantly fear being deported. They choose to hide or stay quiet, which delays the process to legalize their situation. The reality is that many people are being deported due to the current policies and requirements of immigration laws that have raised repressive and even cruel measurements.  How to Prevent Illegal…

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Live Broadcast of Trump Border Wall

White House to Broadcast Live Construction of Border Wall

Dec 12, 2019

White House to Broadcast Live Construction of Border Wall The Washington Post recently reported that, for the building of the wall on the southern border, webcams will be installed to broadcast its construction for 24 hours, according to the chief advisor of the White House, Jared Kushner and other advisors of the administration. The newspaper…

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What is a T Visa?

A Brief Analysis of the T Visa, and the Legalization Process

Dec 10, 2019

What is a T Visa and What are the Eligibility Requirements to Obtain It?   For many years, individuals from all over the world are brought to the U.S. against their own will or with false promises for a better future. Once in the U.S. they can often find themselves facing slavery-like conditions. For these…

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US Immigration Myths

Common Misconceptions about Immigrants

Dec 9, 2019

Three Common Misconceptions About Immigration   Understandably, and with the current administration, immigration has been one of the most talked about topics to generate some of the biggest arguments and reinforce typical misconceptions. For decades, immigration has been a constant issue which almost everybody has an opinion on, or argument for. Recently, since President Trump…

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Immigration and public charge rules

Trumps mandate keeps on challenging immigrants

Dec 6, 2019

New immigration determinations emerge towards the end of Trump’s mandate   The situation for immigrants is made more complex by new policies that seem not to hint at a truce. Recently, the president informed that he would seek to lower the rate of immigration to the United States through the denial of visas to all…

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