Biden faces pressure to reopen the borders

The global pandemic and border restrictions

The global Coronavirus pandemic not only affected the healthcare system, but also impacted multiple sectors of society as we know it, if not all. This is related to the fact that, due to the sanitary crisis, governments around the world implemented a wide number of rules, measures and regulations to mitigate the impact of the pandemic on local populations and try to save as many lives as possible.

Speaking specifically about the immigration sector, the health emergency brought international transit to an almost complete halt for a considerable period of time. This was undoubtedly more noticeable in first world countries such as the US, which have a constant and high flow of foreigners.

Adding to that, then President Donald Trump was already trying to reduce immigration levels since taking office in 2017 and, thus, did not hesitate when implementing policies and rules that substantially restricted immigration in the US. These limitations clearly relate to current border restrictions.

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Controversy regarding border reopening and immigration

It is no secret that the Biden administration has a rather welcoming view regarding immigration and states that one of the most valuable and important aspects of the country is multicultural integration and respect between communities.

Therefore, the current president does not agree with most policies implemented by Trump on the immigration system, but has maintained certain border restrictions due to the health risk caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, currently, there is a gigantic debate regarding border limitations that ban the processing of political asylum cases, restrict tourism and non-essential travel between countries, and reduce immigration levels in general.

This debate is primarily related to the conundrum of whether Biden should lift border restrictions now or wait until the surge of illegal border crossings subsides, which may take several months.

Biden faces pressure to reopen the borders

Although Biden is feeling pressure from all corners regarding border restrictions, foreign communities, mass irregular migration, the health emergency and immigration law enforcement, his administration is patiently assessing the situation before making a hasty decision and possibly unleashing a social crisis.

In fact, according to a recent CNN report, the Biden administration wants to assertively choose the right time to gradually lift the border restrictions and make sure that it will not have to implement them again in the future.

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