Attracting International Talent Goes Beyond Economic Benefit

The presence of foreigners not only stimulates the economy

Attracting foreign workers is becoming a necessity

In several of our most recent articles we have talked about alarming labor shortages across the US, which are taking place in industries important to the nation’s economic stability.

Labor shortages stem not only from conditions related to the global health crisis, but also from the fact that there are not enough American workers to meet the demands of the local market.

Therefore, in the eyes of dozens of experts and critics, one of the best alternatives for the US to effectively address labor shortages is to fix its immigration system to attract foreign workers in the shortest possible time and simplify the process for local companies to hire personnel from abroad.

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The presence of foreigners not only stimulates the economy

Clearly, one of the benefits of attracting foreign workers is that it would stimulate the national economy by allowing local employers to address labor shortages. However, there are other benefits involved as well, and it would be a win-win for the US.

Let’s look at some important facts:

  • Two of the sectors most affected by labor shortages are science and technology. Therefore, attracting foreign workers qualified in these areas would not only be a boon to the economy, but also to the US international competitiveness.
  • What we have learned from history is that multicultural interaction and inclusion constantly stimulate innovation and national talent, which allows the US to be a world-power today.
  • According to a recent Forbes report, welcoming foreign workers could even be a benefit to social sectors such as sports.

Therefore, the reality is that attracting talent from abroad would not only stimulate the economy, but would allow the country to advance intellectually in the most important sectors for the global, national and regional markets.

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