Asylum Seekers Expect Biden to Reconsider their Previously Denied Cases

Asylum seekers with previously denied cases hope to enter the US

Biden’s project to resettle asylum seekers

In 2019, the Trump administration implemented a policy called MPP (Migrant Protection Protocols) or “Remain in Mexico.” Broadly speaking, this policy forced thousands of asylum seekers to wait in Mexican territory until they received a response to their immigration applications.

Since asylum seekers are usually people who need international protection and do not have enough resources to access basic services, the conditions in which they lived in Mexico were not the best and they had to go through precarious situations while the US processed their immigration applications.

The current administration, since President Biden took office more than a month ago, has focused heavily on revoking Trump’s restrictions on the immigration system, including the MPP policy.

On February 19, the Biden administration began a resettlement project that will benefit approximately 25,000 asylum seekers who have been under the MPP policy for a considerable period of time and have waited patiently in Mexican territory until they have the opportunity to enter the US and protect their lives.

However, Biden’s resettlement plan only offers assistance to asylum seekers with active cases, which means that, under this project, authorized ports of entry cannot process previously denied or rejected asylum applications.

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Asylum seekers with previously denied cases hope to enter the US

Although Biden’s resettlement plan does not yet include previously rejected asylum applications or new applications, it is important to clarify that there are still thousands of migrants waiting in border territory, in temporary shelters or foundations, and yearn for another opportunity to request international assistance through political asylum.

According to a recent AP News report, some asylum seekers have received messages from officials, who state that the Biden administration may reconsider previously denied asylum cases, giving them hope to enter the US and build a better future for their beloved ones.

This news came to light after the Mexican authorities closed a temporary camp on the banks of the Rio Grande on Saturday, March 6, 2021. According to local authorities, the US has already processed the last active asylum cases from this improvised camp and migrants whose asylum applications were previously rejected were transferred to other shelters.

Therefore, after more than two years, the Rio Grande temporary camp was closed and asylum seekers with previously rejected cases hope that the Biden administration will reconsider their applications.

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