Labor Shortages Could Decrease Through Immigration Reform

Immigration reform could address labor shortages

Immigration reform in the hands of Congress

President Biden promised the American people to restructure the entire immigration system, which includes lifting former President Trump’s restrictions, removing certain limitations and rules, expanding legal immigration processes, and creating new ways to approach immigration law enforcement in the border territory.

However, in order to make effective and efficient progress on the local immigration system, the Biden administration undoubtedly needs support from Congress to implement lasting immigration policies.

Therefore, since late January 2021, the Biden administration has tried to promote comprehensive immigration reform through Congress. However, the current administration has faced the most alarming surge of illegal border crossings in decades, which has delayed its plans and intercepted comprehensive immigration reform.

Currently, Congress is reviewing Biden’s 2022 budget package, which includes an immigration resolution and could open a path to citizenship for young immigrants known as Dreamers, undocumented farmworkers, TPS (Temporary Protected Status) beneficiaries and other essential foreign workers.

It is important to mention that this proposal has already passed the US House of Representatives through the budget reconciliation process and is now in the hands of the Senate, the upper chamber of Congress.

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Immigration reform could address labor shortages

Usually, comprehensive immigration reform is understood as a means to reshape the immigration system and change certain immigration policies. However, comprehensive reform actually goes much further than one might imagine.

For instance, speaking specifically about the local workforce, there is currently a rather alarming shortage of skilled labor, which is present not only in sectors such as science and technology, but also in areas such as culinary, tourism, the US food supply chain, and transportation.

Then, what would immigration reform mean for labor shortages? Well, the vast majority of undocumented immigrants are already workers, that is, they are already part of the national labor fabric.

Therefore, if the Biden administration succeeds in carrying out comprehensive immigration reform, it could legitimately include essential foreign workers in the labor system, which would allow them to enter the American culture without fear of deportation and they would also have to pay taxes and fulfill other social responsibilities. This would boost the economy and help the country get through the current juncture harmoniously.

In fact, according to an expert on the subject, “As an economist, I know that the business case for immigration reform is extremely strong. The proposal before the House and Senate would grow our Gross Domestic Product, drive job growth and raise the wage floor for American workers.”

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