Immigrants file legal complaint against physical abuse in ICE's detention center

Legal complaint against ICE

On October 8, 2020, several humanitarian and activist groups filed a legal complaint, stating that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency used physical abuse to get 8 immigrants from Africa to sign deportation documents.

This event happened at one of the Mississippi-based ICE immigration detention centers. In the opinion of the organizations representing foreigners involved in the scandal, ICE is trying to deport as many immigrants as possible before the US’ presidential elections, which will take place in November.

Some of the African immigrants, who report abuse by ICE officers, are asylum seekers and state that they do not plan to sign deportation documents without having a hearing with a local judge because returning to their countries represents an imminent threat and their lives could be in danger.

Experiences described by immigrants have been classified by activists and immigrant rights advocates as “inhuman, arbitrary, horrific and brutal”. The accusations drew the attention of critics and immigration attorneys, who are supporting the legal complaint against physical abuse by ICE to deport undocumented immigrants, mainly asylum seekers.

Adding to that, immigrants also explain that there are no hygiene protocols or health supplies to protect detainees from the global Coronavirus pandemic in immigration detention centers.

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ICE’s controversies

ICE has been a key player during the term of President Donald Trump, who has tirelessly tried to reduce immigration, including humanitarian programs such as political asylum and refuge.

In fact, the current administration of the US has used ICE during the past several years to:

  • Massively increase operations, which aim to detain undocumented immigrants, both at the borders and across the US.
  • Modify multiple immigration policies, so that ICE has more rights among local population and law enforcement agencies in each state.
  • Increase the number of deportations. This fact has been more noticeable after the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, which allowed express deportations of undocumented immigrants, including unaccompanied minors.

Therefore, due to the nature of its duties, ICE is constantly embroiled in a gigantic social controversy, which has increased in recent months as multiple testimonies reveal conditions in immigration detention centers and the way in which border agents regularly treat detainees.

According to the opinion of activists, the question is not whether immigrants should face deportation proceedings or not, the real question is to what extent federal entities may abuse the power granted by the government and violate the integrity of people who need international protection.

The unprecedented health crisis already poses a threat to the population, and allowing a federally-fueled humanitarian crisis to unleash could actually worsen current circumstances. Therefore, it is in our hands to analyze in depth possible repercussions of immigration policies.

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